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Orly Vardy's New CD

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  • 1 December 2019

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Sound Production Studio

SpS Advanced Music Studios  

Recording studios,
Rehearsal rooms,
Music productions and sound,

Venture Breakfast Crew

Welcome to the breakfast crew, we are here every Monday to Friday from 6am through to 10am.  Myself, John Peters will be joined by Bob Birch, Tracy Clark.  So why not make a date and join us in the morning, right here on Venture Radio.

Venture Magazine

Venture Magazine

Advertising Application

Please complete our Advertising Application if you want to advertise a product/service on Venture Radio. Advertising on Venture Radio is fantastic value for money and it is ideal for advertisers with a budget.

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New Website

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  • 2 May 2010
Fusion UK are pleased to provide a website befitting a great radio station with a fantastic crew. George said "I tune in to Venture radio a lot while I am working on web development projects and I think it is better than many stations on FM. I have k...