Eran Shkolnik

Eran Shkolnik



Eran Shkolnik, 48 years old, is an Israeli singer and artist that creates folk-rock music.

Eran is married and father to three kids, living in northern Israel, in Kibbutz Yizrael.


 There are two main things Eran is focused about: creating original music of his own and leading "Shablul" covers band that performs with Israeli classic rock songs that are well known in the country.


Eran is performing all over the country in several events and towns through all kinds of festivals and saloon gigs.


While being a full time musician, Eran is also a member of cooperative kibbutz, works as a manager of the Kibbutz gym and works as local cultural coordinator of the Kibbutz.


Eran has a strong affection to Ireland, which he used to volunteer as a shepherd in several organic farms there.  For that reason he visits a lot in Ireland and the great view of the area is aspiring him to write more songs, some of them in Hebrew and some in English.


The last year Eran released his first EP "clouds of dust" that combines his inspiration from the folk-rock music and while doing so, he is bonding his connections to the international music industry with radio airplays around the British Isles.